If Funded

Grant Award Distribution

If your proposal is approved for funding, a grant agreement outlining the terms of the grant will be sent to you. Generally, funds above $2,500 are distributed in two or more installments. The first payment (80% of the total grant) is distributed upon receipt of the signed agreement. The remainder is distributed at the end of the project and upon receipt and approval of an End-of-Project Report.

You may only spend the funds you receive from the New England Biolabs Foundation on the project for which they were allocated. We must receive an End-of-Project Report at the termination of the project or a progress report, if the project is not completed by the end of the grant period.

If your foreign bank needs to have the funds transferred by wire from the United States, you will need to provide the following information: the name and address of your bank, a bank contact person, the account number, the Swift code, the name of the corresponding U.S. bank,* the address of the U.S. bank, and its ABA (American Banking Association) number. Please do not send this information to us until you have received a grant agreement and wire information form.

*Please note that we will not be able to transfer money to an international bank, if your bank does not have a corresponding bank located in the United States.

End-of-Project Report

An end-of-project report is due when your funding cycle ends and prior to final disbursement of grant funds.

If you received a grant from us in December 2016 or later, please submit your report by logging in to your account on our online grants management system. A copy of the questions that you will be prompted to answer is available for download here.

If you received your grant from us in August 2016 or earlier, please answer the following questions, where applicable, and submit your report via email to info@nebf.org. A copy of the below questions is available for download here.

  1. Name of organization.
  2. Grant amount.
  3. Today’s date.
  4. Date of grant award.
  5. Original goal of your project as stated in your proposal.
  6. Name and title of person submitting this evaluation.
  7. Did anyone in your organization conduct an evaluation on site?
  8. If so, please state date of evaluation.
  9. Did you receive a written report? If so, please provide a copy.
  10. Describe the components of the project that were successful or positive.
  11. Describe the difficulties you encountered, and how you solved them (or did not).
  12. If you were to do this project again, would you do it differently? If so, how?
  13. Give a detailed accounting of the use of the grant money, using the line items from your original budget. (Verification may be requested.)
  14. What are your plans concerning the project for the next two years?
  15. What are your plans for future financial support?
  16. Do you have any comments or suggestions about working with the foundation?
  17. Please provide us with any published materials concerning the project.