Founder Bio

Don Comb

Donald Comb, PhD

Don Comb is the founder and chairman of the board of New England Biolabs, Inc. (NEB). Prior to founding NEB in 1974, Don held a position at Harvard Medical School. He attended the University of Michigan where he earned a PhD in epidemiology. Don’s scientific vision shaped NEB as the leader in the discovery and production of recombinant enzymes for molecular biology applications.

Don’s passion for science, art, and the environment has also led to the creation of the New England Biolabs Foundation, as well as the Ocean Genome Legacy Center of New England Biolabs at Northeastern University (OGL), which he believes will help to prevent the extinction of endangered sea life. His commitment to the environment is evident on the NEB campus: from the LEED-certified laboratory that was designed to minimize its impact on the surrounding landscape, to the Solar Aquatics System®, designed to treat the campus’ wastewater. Don’s beliefs are deeply woven into the NEB corporate philosophy. As a result, NEB has had the honor of being lauded with the “2009 Recycling Business Award” and the “2010 Best Places to Work” award by The Scientist magazine.

Although Don has stepped down from his position as CEO of NEB, he continues to serve on its board of directors. Don also maintains an active research laboratory at NEB. His interests include parasitology, epigenetics, and the development of biofuels. Don’s current research focus involves the isolation and biochemical characterization of novel cellulases.